Seeking Happiness

Happiness is a funny subject, there is a small percentage of us that are truly happy and fulfilled, and then there is a high percentage of people, that wake up every morning, pretend to be happy and fulfilled all day long, go to sleep and start the process all over again. If you don't feel fulfilled, joyous, loving and filled with life, then there is something that's blocking you! Usually the culprit is "expectations" as we grow up, we absorb concepts of what is so called "normal", mostly from our parents and peers regardless of how loving or not they were. We have permanently molded our ideas and concepts of how love, and life should be. We should be able to find a mate and live happily ever after, we should be the American success story, have money to take care of all or needs, and live in a house with a with a white picket fence or perhaps a mansion as the case may be. Unfortunately life proceeds to happen and divorce or apparent tragedy rears it's ugly head, we get sick, we get rejected, we lose or jobs etc etc etc. I'm not making lite of any of these experiences, that's not the point. The Point is however, that we have pinned our happiness outside of ourselves. If we "fail" at attaining our conceptual images we tend to become unhappy. There are a lot of millionaires and superstars that seemingly have everything yet are unhappy, depressed and unfulfilled. Succeeding in the outside world will never guarantee happiness, and here is why. "Change is the order of the universe". If you think everything will stay the same forever you might as well play the lottery at 21 billion to 1. Life changes, caca happens, fortunes are won and lost, it has nothing to do with us internally. The trick is to love and accept yourself regardless of your situation or status! Start today! How you may ask do you do that, and rightfully so. To start, accept yourself where you are at, this is task # 1, you are what you are, the past is over, regrets be gone. If you don't appreciate yourself at this moment what would you like to change? You can change anything about yourself that you wish. Just don't limit yourself to change of outside material things, the idea here is to change from the inside out. Learn about love, learn about acceptance, learn about forgiveness and understanding, concepts that make you who you are or who you want to be. Start listening to your heart not you head! What are you passionate about? If you are not doing it, then start, do what you love, explore what makes you happy. There is tons of help out there, self help books , video's, counselors, and coaches with spiritual guidance backgrounds like myself, who are there to offer assistance. Happiness is about attitude, everyone "Is one thought away from changing their entire existence" today, now, in the present! Let me know what you think and how you are doing.


Coach Steve

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"Seeking Happiness"

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